Don’t forget about the Germans

Don’t forget about the Germans

Sure yesterday, we put up some good examples of American design on cars from the 70’s but don’t think for a second that the German’s were sleeping at that time. The early 70’s meant business at the Porsche factory, their cars were works of art and to top them off, they painted them amazingly well for the races. Here’s a great set from the Porsche museum of the branding on their racecars. (check after the jump to see out highlights)

Awesome. The colors on the Martini car (on the left) are classic. Love the angled 2 on the right car.


Seriously? Look at the lines, not only on the car but on the hand-brushed Castrol badge.

This car isn’t in the Flickr set but it’s just too hard to pass up putting it in the post. There’s nothing I can say bad about this car. Every aspect of it is a work of art from the car’s design itself to the branding / painting.

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