Hand Lettered Movie Titles

Hand Lettered Movie Titles

Came across a pretty interesting collection of hand-lettered movie titles by German poster designer Hans Otto Wendt for Warner Bros in, well, Germany.

Collection available @ this link or follow the jump for a bit of the story & more examples.

Pretty cool work by Wendt. He painted each one, uniquely for the picture. He painted a floating head which was optically placed on top of the film. No clicking through hundreds (thousands?) of typefaces, no photoshop / after effects to drop it in there. Weeks were spent on a single title & the outcome was amazing. I love making unique letterforms for projects, often I’ll create everything from scratch for a branding project, but I cheat & do a vast amount of work in the computer – I can’t imagine the talent, tine & patience necessary to complete such amazing work with pen & ink.

Great work, check it out if you’re still interested after my ramblings Hans Otto Wendt

Thanks to Quips for the link!

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