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We Recommend: Helvetica

Newly featured in our We Recommend section is Helvetica. A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit. Great movie for anyone interested in design and even pop culture. It's crazy how far the typeface's grasp is, yet it stays at the forefront of design. Check out our...


Helvetica Film

The film goes in depth on the history of the font, from it's origins as an "updated Akzidenz Grotesk" to it's place today. Featuring interviews with a just about every big name you can think of in the design world; Massimo Vignelli, David Carson, Lars...


We Recommend – Helvetica Forever

This month we feature a book on one, if not the, most popular typeface ever created. That's right, we're reviewing a book on Helvetica named Helvetica Forever : the story of a typeface. Check out our mini-review here....