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Ice Cube. Architect.

Bet you didn't know that Ice Cube (the rapper) studied architecture in Arizona (ASU, I believe) did you? Years ago, a friend I worked with told me that (he had classes with him). Anyways, Pacific Standard Time celebrates the art scene in LA with various...


E3 Twenty Ten

E3’s going on right now. We rolled up there last week to meet up with some people and check out what’s going on in the world of video games. Microsoft’s Natal Kinect was everywhere & it was pretty a impressive deal. By the looks of the sheer amount of games released at the show, there’s going to be a lot of synchronized dancing going on in the world next year.. Lots more inside.


La Brea’s got a whole lot of Awesome

wildthingsTeaserOver the weekend we had to make a delivery up to LA and while driving around the other City of Angels (everyone knows Escondido is the real one) we saw something which is just too good for words. Girl Skateboards took it upon themselves to do a bit of promotion for the upcoming movie of the year “Where the Wild Things Roam”.