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Palm Springs Modernism Week

Made the trek out to Palm Springs last weekend to check out Modernism Week. It’s no secret that PS is filled with great midcentury modern stuff but even then, I was completely blown away with how amazing it was. So much good stuff in such a small area, definitely worth checking out. Make sure you get your tickets early because everything sells out, fast. More after the jump


$50m is all it takes

To own Bob Hope's estate overlooking Palm Springs & the Coachella Valley. I've admired this house on the hill since the first time I went to Palm Springs. If I was Facebook Rich I'd have a really hard time re-introducing Grizzly Bears to California (my...


Not another random post.

Oh hell no. Love snakes, super cool creatures. But see how these have diamond shaped heads? That means they’re not nice snakes. Pretty amazing collection of snake photos over this way.

Great font called Crescendo by Canadatype, featured in this post over on Quipsologies
More snake photos & fun after the jump!