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Nixon Space Jellies

Just realized I never really put this up on my site / blog. My piece “Space Jellies” which I did for Nixon a couple years back. Check inside for the full piece, a bit of a story about it & most of the products they put it on.

See LOVE live

The film we're doing the branding / packaging for, LOVE by Angels & Airwaves is playing live around the country this Wednesday night. After the film AvA will play 3 songs & have a question / answer session with Tom DeLonge, director William Eubank and...

LOVE by Angels & Airwaves

This is huge and it's really just the beginning. Been working for the past couple months with the band Angels & Airwaves and their management on the branding / collateral for their five-year-in-the-making movie, LOVE. The Apple Trailer site just went up this evening, up...