1986 called

1986 called

A quickie for you all today, just got back in the shop after the SIA shredfest last week, complete with literal bone-chilling -20° temps in the mtns. In celebration of the mtns though, we found this jewel above after clicking a couple links which started over on Quipsologies. Pretty amazing collection of VHS tape box Horror Movie art – Monster Brains Awesome!
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For the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have an interview with Louise Fili over on Lancia Trend Visions Good stuff!
Thanks to reader Lena Krieger for sending that one in!

Kids & parents that love them, how many 4 year olds have an amazing Darth Vader costume?

Did you know that the CBS “Eye” was lifted from the Amish? Nice work!

And last, but not least, how about a free font! Again, saw this over on Quipsologies, great free font from the Lost Type Co-Op. Riley Cran & Typer Galpin made Muncie (remember Chuck Muncie in 24 hrs, nice work!

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