I want to ride my bicycle…..

I want to ride my bicycle…..

I’ve alway enjoyed a bicycle ride. Whether it was BMX growing up (or maybe last week) or trying to hurt myself downhilling at Mammoth on a mtn bike, it’s always a good time. Interbike falls right near my birthday every year so we always make a trek out to the show to see bicycles, catch up with our friends from Shadow and try not to lose too much $$ in the hellhole known as Vegas. In light of the upcoming show, here’s a few bike related clips to check out. More after the jump

Warning: The song used in this video has couple words of harsh language, not much by any means but since this is a family-friendly site, we wanted to warn you.

BMX is the basis of all this for me. I’ve thrown myself over some pretty big gaps in my day (complete with scars to prove it) but this is a whole different level. 32′ first double, 35′ second, 50′ third set. Incredible.

Great riding, not so great soundtrack (sorry Shadow Conspiracy), just telling it like it is.

This is pretty fun. Maybe it’s the song or the ultra-big, smooth riding but for some reason this reminds me of my friend Cole Sleeter who passed away a few years back from Testicular Cancer at the age of like 24 or something crazy.

One thing to check out at the show, for sure, is the Shadow rail jam. I think it’s on Thursday this year but I’m not 100% sure.

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