A couple sites we frequent

A couple sites we frequent

We’re extremely busy pumping stuff out for clients to the left and right at the moment & don’t want you to feel neglected, so we decided to post up a couple sites which are on our regular check list. If you guys like this, let us know & we’ll pop some more up for people to check out!

Anyone who’s been following our blog for a while has probably noticed that there’s more than a few posts about / from AWSM & Werd, well – that’s not by coincidence! They’re both on our (multi-time) daily check list. Werd is a great resource for gifts for men. Like gadgets? Know someone who likes gadgets or other random stuff? This is the place to go. Have some money burning a hole in your pocket & need a crazy multi-tool hatchet? or maybe you’re Bill Gates rich, how about a Full size Space Shuttle replica (for a cool $2.2m)

AWSM is a Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding Gear Buying Guide. It’s not only a good source for the newest gear & gadgets but it’s also written by snowboarding funnyman Todd Richards, so even if you don’t need gear – it’s pretty much a guaranteed laugh. Random example here, here or here

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