File this under “most awesome things anyone’s ever done, ever.” More inside

A while back we did a post on Herb Lubalin & his awesomeness. One of his projects was working with Lou Dorfsman on a little project that Dorfsman called Gastrotypographicalassemblage for his client, CBS. Thought up on a 30 second whim, he asked Lubalin to help on the project which became what he considered the wall his magnum opus, his gift to the world. What a gift it was.

It was slated to be trashed(!) in the early 90’s when Nick Fasciano salvaged them. The Center for Design Study is heading up a restoration effort for the great piece which is now mothballed in an Atlanta warehouse waiting to inspire a whole new generation of people. For more interesting reads on Gastrotypographicalassemblage, read AIGA’s article here, the underconsideration article here check out a flickr stream here or watch this great interview with Dorfsman at The Center for Design Study here.

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