Getting Extreme

Getting Extreme


So, the Extreme Games have come and gone. Since they were right up the road and we enjoy ourselves some spectating of skateboarding, bmx, motocross and the like, we headed up to LA to check it out.

Pretty big event. Pretty fun event. Glad it wasn’t the weekend before when it was a million degrees in Southern California.

Noteworthy notes of this, the 15th or whatever Extreme Games.
1) Congratulations to our good friend, Michael Sleeter for making the SuperX final. We’ve been good friends with Michael since well, put it this way – we watched one of his first 125 novice races.

2) When going to such an event, a) make sure an FMX star doesn’t spill his drink on your camera a couple days before and b) make sure that your phone’s charged so if your camera is dead, you can make calls & get photos.

3) Big air. Wow, that still amazes us to this day. Good to see Jake Brown win the skateboarding gold. Remember when he first came over and rode for an ex-employer, Edward Sebastian, way too long ago. Good job, Jake.

4) Lots of people wearing their Taco Bell taco hats. I guess anything free is good, but did anyone eat any of the tacos that were given out?

5) Still befuddled with Bob Burnquist’s one foot smith grinds, even after having seen him do them a million times.

6) Do you know that the X Games were called the Extreme Games the first year? Can’t say it was a bad idea to drop the Extreme, as now I think there’s an extreme version of just about everything.

And, of course a few photos from post camera camera death and pre-iPhone battery drain.

I guess anything free is good, because there were a lot of people in the Taco Hell hats walking around…

Entrance to the ballyhoo

(not so) Extreme supercross track

Michael Sleeter - courtesy of Transworld Motocross
Michael Sleeter photo courtesy of Transworld Motocross.

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