Shepard Fairey gets busy in Hillcrest

Shepard Fairey gets busy in Hillcrest

This may be old news to the super-Shepard or Hillcrest Regular crowd but I was down there the other day & noticed a gigantic wall of his on the side of the new(ish) Urban Outfitters on 5th. The thing is huge, like 120′ x 30′ huge. More inside

Click on the image to open a new window with a BIG photomerge of the mural.

Driving by it looked like it was a giant painting but upon closer inspection, you can see it’s a giant collage of wheat pasted posters. It’s hard to see work this big and not be impressed. It really got me wondering what they paid him to do it, even cost on something this big would be $1200 or so. I’m sure UO more than covered that & then some… In the last set of images, you can tell it’s a giant rasterized image (ie: jpg or tiff) because of the jagged sharkteeth along the lines (vector would be smooth).

If you’re interested, here’s the address for the Urban Outfitters – 3946 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 – (619) 209-5279. The wall is on the south end of the store, facing the parking lot. There’s free parking for UO right there so don’t blow your moolah on parking if you don’t have to.

Random note with which I’ll show my design age a bit – Photomerge in CS4 is AWESOME! Sure it’s kinda cheating if you think of the old school million layer mask job. Good stuff, sometimes I don’t hate technology…

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