Welcome to Costco, I love you.

Welcome to Costco, I love you.

Idiocracy couldn’t have said it any better. In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is generally about design, skateboarding and snowboarding with a few random tidbits of nonsense thrown in. Well, this covers at least two of those subjects. I came across this in a recent email blast from Megalo Mart, Price Club, Costco – heli time in Alaska.

At best, I generally skim most of the random emails that I get but I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out Costco’s email not too long ago. Everyone shops at Costco, they have everything anyone needs only industrial sized. Well, I suppose they took this thinking with them when they decided to offer Alaskan Heli time.

There you go. Finding this at Costco was better than finding fireworks (ok, poppers & sparklers) at the Carson City warehouse right before Christmas. I wanted to buy them there & return them in Carlsbad, just to see what they said (fireworks are illegal in most of Southern California). But back to the Alaskan Heli time. Seriously? From Costco? Yep, a grand gets you a 25,000 vertical foot punch card (basically you pay for each run with your punchcard). That’s about a day and a half of powder runs and 3 nights of all-inclusive lodging for a grand. Costco bringing it like they always do. Now all I need is a plane ticket to Valdez…

Valdez Heli-Camps are the people
Alaska means business. Big turns, deep pow and steep terrain

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