Helvetica Film

Helvetica Film

The film goes in depth on the history of the font, from it’s origins as an “updated Akzidenz Grotesk” to it’s place today. Featuring interviews with a just about every big name you can think of in the design world; Massimo Vignelli, David Carson, Lars Müller, Neville Brody & Stefan Sagmeister, amonst others.

Great movie for anyone who’s even slightly interested in type. I love helvetica & didn’t even realize the extent of it’s grasp on culture. The range of it’s usage is amazing, the movie goes into good detail with how this came about & it’s resurgence after grunge period with a whole new cast of designers (myself included).

Today’s We Recommend is Helvetica: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit.
Very interesting movie which can be streamed on Netflix (how I watched it, just search). Well worth the 90 minutes or whatever it is if you’re interested in pop culture, whether or not you’re a designer.
Check out the film’s site Helvetica: A Documentary Film

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