Interbike 09

Interbike 09

We just got back from the ballhoo known as Interbike. Every year we make the trek out to the show to check out crazy bikes, meet with friends / clients and to take in some good times & food in Vegas.

GoPro’s GT40 in the booth was amazing. The GT40 is my favorite car ever. Their product was equally as amazing, they have an HD version of their video camera coming out which basically look like you’re watching National Geographic the images are so good. We’ve had a couple of their cameras for a couple years now which we love and can’t wait to get our hands on one of the HD versions in a couple months.

We meet up with Ronnie & the crew from the Shadow Conspiracy out there every year and every year they blow us away with their products. This year, we had a few shirts we’d designed for them in the booth and also a pattern which we’d done a couple years back ended up on a glove. Shadow / Subrosa’s attention to detail on their bikes & parts is amazing. Pattern liners on the inside of fitted hats and stickers on the inside of fork tubes are just the beginning. They’re really on it.

There was a ton of really nice bikes and amazing parts. Scott had some great looking graphics and Knolly’s bikes looked amazing. From a design side, RockShox’ decision to print Boxxer on both the fork lowers and the stanchions was pretty clever. Seeing Lance Armstrong’s bikes was cool and the live desert creatures in the SRAM display cases were crazy! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought they were stuffed until they blinked an eye or walked around a bit.

This show seemed to be a success with it being much more crowded in the aisles than it was last year.