NXTZ W11/12 Catalog & POP

NXTZ W11/12 Catalog & POP

Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, we forget to post up stuff that we’ve done. This is one of those times. We started working with Dale Rehberg about a year ago now on his new endeavor, brand manager of NXTZ. Facemask designs turned into catalogs which turned into POP & branding. A season’s designs are down & now we’re working on new designs & more evolved branding. check after the jump for a few more items we’ve done for NXTZ.

Cardboard countertop display / POP we created for NXTZ. 2 color screenprint on corrugated cardboard.

2 color packaging with a spot-UV. A product-specific sticker goes on top (not shown, will update when production comes in), keeping the cost down & allowing us to do the spot-UV because only 2 boxes were made.

Pinstripe & OpArt designs we created for the F11 line.

The F11 catalog can be downloaded here.

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