Bringing heat that makes Al Gore cry

Bringing heat that makes Al Gore cry

That’s what Portillo’s does. It’s hard to say what’s better, the absurdly delicious food or the amazing hand painted signs. Of course 99.9% of the people who frequent their establishments probably never even notice but being the design dorks that we are – you know we do.

From the outside, you know it’s on.

Walking in the door, you can’t help but take in the awesome. Draplin would be in heaven, a hand drawn Dachsund* wagging it’s tail, excited as hell to have you in it’s establishment? Yep, I’m all about it and it only gets better because a slew of amazing hand-painted greatness awaits.

Hmmm, what to get.

This jewel hanging in the men’s restroom may be my favorite non-food related thing at Portillo’s, it’s also what made me notice how cool their signage is.

I’m thrilled that Portillo’s gave Moreno Valley a gift and opened a location conveniently about 1/2 mile off the freeway on our way to Mammoth. I tell you what, a Polish and a dvd player sure make that joy of a drive a lot less hellish.

*random Dachshund fact.
Did you know that Wiener dogs were Wiener dogs before Hot Dogs were Wieners? Back in the day, “hot dogs” were called Dachshund Wieners after the Dachshunds because they were long and skinny. Apparently the sales weren’t so hot and they decided to change the name from Dachshund Weiners to Hot Dogs and avoid having people think of eating their pet for lunch.

Interesting and… random.

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