Gallery 1988 has a pretty amazing show up based on some of the coolest product ever made, Garbage Pail Kids. Prints start around $25 & Originals are pretty inexpensive (until they’re gone). Super fun work.

More by Hydro74 & State of Shock Studios after the jump!

Hydro74 teamed up with Burlesque Design to do a pretty cool print, The Awakening of Aegolius. $35, shipped while they last.

Don’t try to deny the awesomeness of this 3 color screenprint, from the only movie which trumps Anchorman as the funniest ever – State of Shock Studio’s Carl from Caddyshack getting ready to take out some frustration on some innocent flowers. Well worth the $25 if you ask me (which you didn’t but I overstepped my bounds like usual).

Thanks OMG!

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