Red Five standing by…

Red Five standing by…

Rolling through a little store the other day that you may have heard of named Macy’s, came across a slew of the most awesome unwearable hoodies ever seen… although, I must say it’s pretty tempting to pick one up.

I guess it could be that I’m not a huge Ecko wearer, but these are pretty damn cool.

Boba Fett? Check (hands down my favorite)

Darth Vader? X-Wing Pilot? Check and check.

Storm Trooper? New movie Clone Trooper? Check and um, yep, check.

There were more but in reality, the new movies sucked so there’s no bother to show them (the Clone Trooper hoodie snuck itself in the post though, it did look pretty sweet). I’m sure these are / were / will be a huge hit with the Ecko crowd and although tempting as it was to get a Boba Fett hoodie to ride in this spring we had to pass.

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