Seattle’s Worst Logo?

Seattle’s Worst Logo?

Next up on Logo Rants & Raves is the new Seattle’s Best Coffee logo. Is it a rant or a rave? Well, in case you can’t read any longer before you know, It’s our first RANT! Yep, Seattle leapfrogged the logo which we had planned for our first rant to take the honors!

While I don’t necessarily hate the theory behind the logo, the execution is really poor. I really like parts of it. I like the minimalist style font (although it feels a bit ’02 to me when the whole ornate logo / look is coming back around) but just think it’s not quite there.

Things I like:
Round. Symetrical. Simple. The mouth smiling at us with the weird drip in the middle that seems to come off the end of the last e in coffee.

Things I dislike:
The weird drip in the middle. I guess that’s what’s supposed to show it’s a coffee place? The fact that It doesn’t much say coffee at all. Oil Change? Yep, Blood donation? I can see that, too. Coffee? Not so much.

Things I hate:
Coffee is just hanging out there on it’s own line. Different color completely unrelated to coffee. Hate how the font sits to the right of the edge just a bit too much (or not enough) so you almost think it’s a mistake. The colors are terrible. Bright red and grey? Is it a blood bank? The burgundy red and gold from the original logo would have worked much better while tying the new logo in with the original at least a bit.

More can be said about it, I really think that it’s almost there and yet is very far away from what it should be. To me, it seems like Starbucks (SBC’s owner) is trying to dilute the brand for some reason.

Click on the picture above to check out what everyone’s saying about it on Brand New, there’s no shortage of comments about it and it’s only been out for about a week.

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