Speaking of Eames…

Speaking of Eames…

Just a couple days after House Industries had their Eames Century Modern font Wright announced their Charles & Ray Eames auction taking place on April 8th. Click here to go straight to the auction site or just look after the jump for an overview.

The Eames knew how to do it. Everything they did was amazing, which is probably has a bit to do with the reason they are THE designers of choice for mid-century modern furniture.

The LCW was made 60 years ago and was referred to as the most famous chair of the century. Mr Lucky’s cafe in the Hard Rock in Vegas used to be filled with these. Who knows if they were authentic or not but they were super comfortable and they looked amazing. I rolled through a few days after they got rid of them and went ninja / sneaking into trade shows style to find the stash to bring a few home with no luck.

Every house needs one of these. Of course, my house doesn’t but still, it needs one.

Classic. Sure, they look a bit like the chairs you sat in at school but an infinite amount cooler. and they’re worth a million times more. and they get extra points for the label with the awesome Herman Miller logo placed appropriately in the center along the edge, not all wonky and angled under the mounts or something stupid.

Bet you didn’t know Eames made airplane parts did you? What makes that even better is that they did it for America in WWII.

All too often and imitated storage unit. Amazing.

Love this piece. Sure they expect it to go for $10-15k but it’s amazing. Molded, dyed birch.

What would be better than one or two Eames molded plywood chairs? Eight of them would be one thing that I can think of.

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