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Big Daddy Ed Roth

At the bookstore the other night & came across an article on one of my favorite artists of all time, Big Daddy Ed Roth. The stuff he did 50 years ago would fit in today. Whatever style you want to call it, he & Jim...

Is the red blood?

We came across Jeff’s work somewhere in the last few days and thought we’d post it up on here. These are cut paper people, not multiple layered photoshop documents. Nice to see someone getting their hands dirty (or bloody when fingertip & xacto meet, you think the red on this one is blood?) and doing some amazing stuff for people to see. More of his artwork after the jump!

The 27th Letter

The Ampersand symbol, every designer’s long-time beloved friend has an interesting story. Around the world, it’s known as “the and sign” but did you know that it was once the 27th letter in the alphabet? What about how it got it’s name? Read more & see some cool examples inside.

on the road to Ummmm

Found this on Andy's Bend Press site, a 10 minute movie on Thomas Campbell preparing for his show in Denmark. I love Thomas' work. I talked to him about being included on the Ascape project as well but, alas, he was under contract with Paul...

We Recommend – New Skateboard Graphics

New Skateboard Graphics is the book of the month for March 2010. I know what you're thinking, another skate graphic book? Well, yes. To see why check out our mini-review here....