New Skateboard Graphics

New Skateboard Graphics

I know, I know – another skateboard graphic book? Well to put it frankly, yes. This book is amazing, by far the best I’ve seen in some time. What’s nice about this one is it’s filled with a TON of newer skate graphics. Yes, the old graphics are amazing to see (we’re going to do a feature on Jim Phillips book soon) but the new ones aren’t slouches either. My favorite part about working with skate companies is that they’re always looking for new & fresh things, and thusly their skate graphics are always amazing canvasses for people’s art & design.

What’s amazing about this book by Hardinsky is that just about every variation of skate graphics is included. You want the crazy line art of Zero or Mystery? Covered. Kittens? Yep. Graff / Wallbombers like Flying Fortress? Uh huh, seriously everyone’s covered The thing’s chock full of skate graphics from cover to cover with nice featurettes on various companies & artists. This book is well worth the price of admission, especially when you figure that Amazon has them for like fourteen bucks.

The inside front & back covers

Rasa Libre
Five Boro
Hessen Mob
Yogi Proctor

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