Anaheim 1 Supercross

Anaheim 1 Supercross

The start of the 2012 supercross seasons started this past weekend in Anaheim. It’s a lot like a fun, one-day, trade show. This year was no different, meeting clients, seeing friends & taking in some racing. Check after the jump for more photos!

Here’s a few photos from the pits during the Lites last chance.
Escondido Native (or somewhere nearby), Mike Williamson, gets Villopoto’s bike ready for the main.

Reed’s crew was dressed up in matching outfits. Very professional yet very funny.

Let me start this by saying I’ve worked with numerous European brands in the past, Atomic being the main one. They, like KTM, are from Austria. Check out how pro their pit looks compared to Kawi & Reed’s pits. Full plastic / rubber tiles, nice posters in the background, everything color coordinated. Such a Euro / Austrian thing, it’s good to see how serious they are about keeping Dungey at the front. 3 months ago, he’d only ridden a KTM a few times & now they’ve basically built a bike for him which is homologated / available for the public to buy.

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