E3 Twenty Ten

E3 Twenty Ten

E3’s going on right now. We rolled up there last week to meet up with some people and check out what’s going on in the world of video games. Microsoft’s Natal Kinect was everywhere & it was pretty a impressive deal. By the looks of the sheer amount of games released at the show, there’s going to be a lot of synchronized dancing going on in the world next year.. Lots more inside.

Apparently Kinect’s working name was Natal until the big televised launch revealed official name. Seems like every company had some sort of dance game for it, which I managed to get exactly (0) zero pictures of, then again… I doubt you’re here for that anyways. Another thing you’re probably not here for is the newest Zelda game, which you could have tried out there… that is, if you had a spare 2.5hrs to wait in line.

Electronic Arts didn’t mess around. Inside their enormous booth was a $1.6m Pagini Zonda R. Full carbon fiber body, 750hp and it weighs 52lbs less than a Mazda MX5 (Miata). It was a work of art.

When it comes to racing games though, you can’t mess with the Gran Turismo franchise. Sony was there with it and it looked amazing. Trumping pretty much every other racing game out there, they had 3d versions for people to play which comes out on Nov 2.

I’m not a big Halo guy, I have it and play it but it’s not “my” game. This was pretty impressive though, full scale models of the characters from the game. More impressive was the guys walking around in the suits (which, again… I didn’t get a picture of).

The new Shaun White skating game was there. It looked ok. I guess a bit like the snowboarding game (which is super fun) but maybe a bit…. too exaggerated for my tastes. Random – did you know that Ubisoft pitched him the idea for the snowboarding game & was going to shelf it entirely if he wasn’t into it? Some clout the skiboard wonderkid has…

Some soccer tournament was going on during the convention & a slew of people were watching it around the show. Literally 15 seconds after this was shot, someone scored a goal and everyone freaked out. What’s that saying? Timing is everything, yeah… true in this case for sure. Kinda like getting a picture after the guy does the grab. (before anyone writes, I know it was the World Cup going on).

Next up for this edge of your seat type blog post a week after the show is… TRON. Pretty easily my favorite thing at the show. A lifesize light cycle? Come on, how could it get better than that (ok, maybe the Zonda or the Ferrari 458 Italia across the hallway)

And, bringing up the tail of this train(wreck) post is a doozy. Pacman turned 30 this year and to celebrate, Bandai had a 9′ tall Pacman of wonder out front. Check out the guys to the left, sure they’re not Manute Bol (RIP) but still, they’re looking a lot like oompa loompa’s compared to Pac. Amazing.