Interbike 2010 post

Interbike 2010 post

Interbike 2010 went down last week and we made the annual trip out to Vegas for the extravaganza. Sadly, this is the last show in Vegas for at least 3 years, as it’s set to move up the road to Anaheim for at least the next three years. See more inside!

the Shadow Conspiracy is a long-term client of ours here at Valhalla. We’ve known Ronnie & the crew for quite some time, well before they were the Skeleton Crew(ok – so I guess that’s technically Subrosa), in fact. At the show, they dropped a bombshell on BMX with their collaboration with Vans on a slew of amazingly awesome products. Not trying to say I’m all in their business or anything but it was a surprise to me which meant it must have been a HUGE deal for Ronnie not to have at least mentioned it. It was good catching up with the crew, seeing Ronnie, Ryan, Dave, Mike & the rest of the crew. Seeing as how I missed out on their Shadow X Invisible Man cruiser a few years ago (which, I’m still super bummed about), I’ll be putting my request in for some gear ASAP. The line drops in February 2011 and wow, does it look awesome. Good work Shadow Crew.

Sparky’s Distribution (parent company of the Shadow Conspiracy) also has/owns/distributes a bunch of other top-notch bmx brands, one of which is their sister company – Subrosa. While I’m not super huge on the pentagram thing personally, it’s hard to argue with the awesomeness of the Devil Disc chainring with equally amazing packaging. The seat to the right is their standard seat for the 2011. Seriously amazing graphics on all their bikes, being an ENORMOUS fan of Halloween, I’m 10000% backing the horror monsters on the seats & the bikes. Amazing. Check out that ridiculous head tube logo. The whole company’s on it. Watch chrome BMX bikes come back into fashion, basically because they did it first….

A cool booth at the show was by a fixie / single speed company called Knog.

How about a bamboo / wood framed bike?

Another client dropped a new bike at the show, Knolly’s Chilcotin looked amazing at the show but not as amazing as it would look in my garage….. hmmmmmmm *hint hint*

Of course, it is Vegas and while I generally hate the place, there is a few things which aren’t missed on any trip there. One of which is basically the whole Bellagio. Their Conservatory & Botanical Garden is amazing each & every time. It was all set up for fall this time around and it didn’t disappoint. If only all of vegas was like this place….

Right down the way from the Conservatory is Jean Philippe Patisserie. Amazing. How about the world’s largest chocolate fountain? Or how about the 2nd best chocolate lady ever?

And, while I’m not a huge drinker (and by not huge, I mean barely ever), I do enjoy myself a tennessee highball (or three) when I’m there.

Now, this was the last show for at least the next three years in Vegas for Interbike. Where are they moving you ask? Anaheim. Yep, the OC. Interesting. Oh and they’re moving it up to August, right in the middle of Back to School sales for Retailers.
Wonder if anyone at the show put together the fact that Anaheim is the home of Disneyland, probably the world’s largest tourist destination? Where are people going to go / what are they going to do after the show, hang out at Downtown Disney? I like Disneyland & all, but even with my serious dislike of Vegas, I can’t see how this move is good for the show.

SIA moved to Denver this year & attendance was way down. Hotels were expensive, getting there was a pain, parking sucked. They apparently didn’t put together the fact that they moved the show to the mtns at the end of January (what happens when there’s a big snowstorm?) just like I-Bike didn’t think of bringing their show to Anaheim during the summer Tourist rush.

That’s all folks. Another show down, can’t say that I’m bummed that the next one we have to hit isn’t for 4 full months….

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