Seb knows

Seb knows

Seb Lester
Seen his work around for a little while now but today’s the first time that I went to his site and let’s just say that it’s impressive. Lots more after the jump.

Great work over on his site. It’s really cool that he has a lot of his sketches up on the site, too. We’ll just say that I wish my sketchbook was as clean as his.

Seb Lester Hellfire design
Great piece. The colors are very fitting of the design & theme. Look at the detail in the f with the gargoyle. Great stuff.

Seb Lester Flames print
Seb Lester Flames print detail
Another great piece with wonderful detail. Love how the swooshed swoosh around the lines creating a lot of movement.

Seb Lester Blazing print
Amazing. To add to it’s amazing-ness, it’s an ambigram (flip it over and it says something). Great stuff.

Seb Lester - Catcher in the Rye & London Rocks
Check this out, he got to do the cover for JD SALINGER! Wow. Even cooler that it was the last release before Salinger’s passing a couple months ago. Oh and the London Rocks, really? That’s his sketchbook? Dang.

Seb Lester
and this. A very nice ‘fancy lettering’ play on a ligature / signature for himself.

Nice work. Check out his site here if you like. He has many prints of the stuff I showed for sale in various places.

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