The Business

The Business

Now that our cards have been on featured on For Print Only, I figure it’s time to get around to putting them here. A few months back, after realizing I had 14 business cards left with a tradeshow in a couple weeks. I worked with Tim at Quality Letterpress to create some pretty cool cards.

Check after the jump for more photos & a bit of a writeup on the cards

One thing I always tell up & coming designers, something I always try to do myself is to have memorable business cards and always try to make my new one better than the last. My theory is that if it’s a cool card the people will keep it, rather than putting it in the circular file. We’ve always liked letterpress and decided to give it a shot for our newest cards. The time from “I need new business cards! What if I did a letterpress version?” to completed cards, in my hands, was only about two weeks which included a trip down to meet with Tim (super-amazingly awesome to work with) to see what could be done.

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