an interview with Andy Jenkins

an interview with Andy Jenkins

Came across this gem a couple days ago over on BMXSociety. I worked with Andy a couple years back on the Ascape project, he did a couple rugs for us and was super cool to work with. We have some similar interests in bmx, mx and of course skateboarding / art / design. It was cool having him in on that project and interesting to read about how he got where he is today in the interview. Check it out here (the interview link is after the intro paragraph). After the jump I’ve put up some highlights

The interview is definitely worth checking out if you like Andy’s artwork, Girl graphics or are just a fan of interviews about middle age dudes who helped shape action sports. Towards the end of the interview they came up with a great analogy of action sports & how different bmx & skateboarding went from similar roots. Action Sports in general are the Jackson 5, skateboarding became Michael and bmx ended up being one of the others. Anyways, it’s a good read, be sure to check it out.

Andy Jenkins

Here’s the interview link again.
Check out Andy’s Bend Press blog / site here
Check out Andy’s flickr set of bmx photos here.

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