Outdoor Research ’09 headwear line

Outdoor Research ’09 headwear line


It’s always nice to see your hard work go into production. A while back, we wrapped up a headwear line Outdoor Research and ever since, we’ve had to keep our yappers shut, even though we were thrilled with the work (quite easily the best headwear line we’ve done to date). Well, here’s our announcement, our OR headwear line has finally launched!

Click here to go to OR’s site and check out the whole lineup, most of our work is in the wool headwear section.

A multicolor diamond weave

Fancy soft brim with a raised rib / line.

Convertible beanie / balaclava “Beanieclava”

Women’s cableknit with fleece liner.

And last, but not least, a women’s chunky knit earflap beanie with a stitched tree detail on the ears.

Of course, we’re proud of all the work we do but these beanies really are very very high quality pieces. We’re thrilled to have worked with OR on this project and hope that their customers are as thrilled with them as we are.


We’re not the only ones who are liking the beanies, apparently they’re getting a fair amount of write-up in the magazines. They’re apparently selling pretty good, also, a couple weeks ago they only had 38 of the Hopscotch beanie (pictured above) left!

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