A few posters for you and yours.

A few posters for you and yours.

Popping up a few amazing posters I’ve run across the past few months. A little of this, a little of that. Think of it as a St Patricks Day present from us to you only without the nonsense that’s become synonymous with St Patty’s day. Check out more after the jump.

Love this one, from Blanka via We love typography.

As a designer, this is hilarious. I can relate with just about every one of the evil tentacles. Buy it over on Core 77 for only twenty bucks! click here. to check it out in more detail.

Very nice, simple and to the point. Very German and very nice. Via davidthedesigner from the work of Anton Stankowski. His site is worth checking out for sure.

Cool work, idea & treatment by uriafassina

More greatness from over on We Love Typography.

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