Super (random) Post

Super (random) Post

On our semi-regular list of checks is the DDC site. Draplin & I have been running in the same circle for a number of years & only a matter of time until our paths cross in person. It’s always interesting to see what he has to say In light of his appendix taking him out of commission, We thought we’d help out with some random links that have been collected around recently. A lot of these were either directly or indirectly found through We Love Typography or the site Typography Served.

Anyone who reads this blog even semi-regularly knows how Valhalla feels about Herb Lubalin. Great gallery of his work here or here or here or The list could go on & on & on… Amazing steel pen box here, circa foreverago.

In the same photostream as some great signage (a weak spot of mine) was an amazing van. Under the photo it says“I have a feeling 1973 was this guy’s best year; there’s every possibility that in the intervening years this has gone from poontang wagon to primary residence. But still, at least he had one good year once. From the looks of this souvie, one really, really good year.” What a year it must have been.

Aaron Horkey & Vania Zouravliov’s Dracula poster is ridiculous. Then again, if you’ve ever seen his work, you should already expect that. Pretty much the best sucker out there, I’ve always liked the Chupa Chups logo, only today did I find out that Salvador Dali did it & also said they should have the logo on the top of the sucker, since it would be hidden if it was on the side. Nice.

Here’s a few great portfolios / collections. One from Jon Contino, a great “process of design” gallery here by Ivan K and rounding it out for today is a portfolio Scott checked out when I spoke at AICSD last month. Daran Brossard brings it with some great typographic skills. I think he said he was moving to Boston, if you live on the east coast & need some great design – check him out!

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