2014 March Logo Madness – Surf

Congratulations to Thalia Surf Shop for taking the Surf Category championship in the 2014 March Logo Madness competition. En route to their win, they took out some heavy hitters; Quiksilver in the semifinals and RVCA in the finals! Good job by the little shop up...

Palm Springs Modernism Week

Made the trek out to Palm Springs last weekend to check out Modernism Week. It’s no secret that PS is filled with great midcentury modern stuff but even then, I was completely blown away with how amazing it was. So much good stuff in such a small area, definitely worth checking out. Make sure you get your tickets early because everything sells out, fast. More after the jump

Long haul to Denver

Made the annual trek out to Denver for the SIA / Snowsports show. Always a good time seeing old friends, checking my work & hopefully getting my shred on. This year it was actually winter like & the snow was amazing for the demo days. Like powder days amazing. Good times. Check after the jump for more photos of the shenanigans…

Agenda was on the Agenda

Agenda Long Beach was on the agenda today. Drove up the 5 to check out the latest stuff, check my work at a few different booths, see friends & clients. Follow the jump if you’d like to see more.

And the winner is

Volcom takes the cake in our inaugural Logo World Championship of the World. After a couple close rounds when battling Quiksilver & Powell Peralta, Volcom rolled through the final taking 78.3% of the vote in it's battle vs Vans. We'd like to thank everyone who...

Grant Brittain slideshow @ UNIV

Grant is the original Skate Photographer and one of the nicest guys we've ever had the pleasure of knowing / working with. Going to do everything in our power to be here. Should be super rad. "Grant will be doing an old-time skateboarding slideshow from 7...

Tonight Tonight Tonight

The reasons to be in NYC for this Halloween weekend just bumped up significantly. Well, at least if you're a design nerd. The Great Hall at Cooper Union will be having a Then & Now Symposium on Herb Lubalin tonight, Friday Oct 26th & tomorrow...

ONE Industries Mammoth report

Got a few photos up in ONE Industries Mammoth Motocross race report. Sleeter, Hoeft, Miller, Falk & a nice Panoramic of the race, check 'em out at the links below. ONE Industries Mammoth Race Report ONE Mammoth Flickr Set...

Come One Come All

HRE Open House this weekend. Come see some work we did & a whole lot of awesome work others did....

Mammoth MX 2012

The Mammoth Motocross went down a couple weeks ago & we were there hanging out with old friends while trying to get hurt on dirt / mtn bikes & shooting photos. Check after the jump for more photos of the event & good times up there.


That's right, the best time of the year is upon us! Use the code "THE WEEN" for a 20% discount in our store!...

See LOVE live

The film we're doing the branding / packaging for, LOVE by Angels & Airwaves is playing live around the country this Wednesday night. After the film AvA will play 3 songs & have a question / answer session with Tom DeLonge, director William Eubank and...

Go Skateboarding Day!

Not only is today the day that every store in Barcelona is closed (don't plan on buying stuff to bring home that day, we learned the hard way), it's also Go Skateboarding Day! Even if you only get out & push around for a couple...

Award Tour for our Viking friend

Just got notification from the FPO (For Print Only) awards, seems like our little postercard won an award for the letterpress division. Pretty Excited about it, in with some pretty good company. Check out all the winners at FPO Awards & of course you can...

Hanging out at E3 twenty-eleven

A couple days back we made the trek up to LA for the E3 show. Pretty amazing stuff there, the new PSVita & Nintendo WiiU were there, along with the huge, marked out, lines that went along with wanting to play on them. New games, new consoles, new technology, everything & then some was there. Check after the jump for more pics & a little writeup.

Stoked Sessions 2011

Next Friday, May 20th 2011, I’m going to be in an art show / auction benefiting Stoked Mentoring called Stoked Sessions up in Culver City, CA. A whole get-down is planned for opening night; DJs, drinks, who knows…. maybe even dancing. The whole thing benefits Stoked Mentoring & the great programs they have for kids so if you’re a) bored or b) in the Culver City area or c) need a reason to head to LA, stop in & check it out. The Stoked Sessions has an overview of what’s happening on Friday night, including a slideshow of the pieces that will be there. Check after the jump if you’d like to see my contribution.

Pow Wow Hawai’i

Great live street-art even in Hawai'i a couple months back, covered by HBTV: Pow Wow Hawaii 2011 Part I ...

Secret Wars SemiFinal

Cool live-art battle in the land of OZ between Ken Taylor & Drew Funk. Thanks to OMG Posters for the heads up....

Super (random) Post

On our semi-regular list of checks is the DDC site. Draplin & I have been running in the same circle for a number of years & only a matter of time until our paths cross in person. It's always interesting to see what he has...

Secret Wars Melbourne

Pretty cool live-art battle in what's supposed to be an amazing city in the land down under with Ken Taylor taking on Deb. Thanks to OMG Posters for the vid....

It was broughten 12/7/10 @ 2pm

If you happened to attend the Art Institute of California San Diego, you may have caught me iced tea'd up & running my mouth about design there yesterday on December 7th @ 2pm in Henry Hikima's "Design Research and Marketing Design" class. A lot of...

Happy Leif Erickson Day!

Happy Leif Erikson day! Well, happy pre-Leif Erickson day! The gem to the left up above is from the Sioux Falls Family YMCA & on the right is Leif in front of Hallgrímskirkja, in Reykjavik, Iceland – a present from the good ol’ USA .

Today’s his day and we’re going to party like it’s 999ad! To celebrate, we’re offering a 25% discount in our new store all weekend long! Use the code “LEIF”

In fourteen hundred ninety two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue

The land was grand which he found
which Leif Erickson should be renowned

for first finding this land a new
in the year one thousand two

Check after the jump to some background on Leif & this day

This is Valhalloween, Valhalloween…..

That's right, it's not Halloween, it's VALHALLOWEEN! We're big fans of the greatest holiday ever over here, so much so that we do a special Valhalloween website for our main portfolio, check it out! Valhalloween site...

Design For You.. and you and you

It’s no secret that Herman Miller is one of the greatest companies ever made. Wait, you didn’t know that? Well, welcome out from underneath your rock & to the real world. For anyone in question of the above statement, Eames worked extensively with them. Nothing else needs to be said. Case in point referenced below (Eames also designed the molded gems used for the contest).

Follow the jump to see the other artists renditions in this contest.

The land of fist bumps & high fives

The bi-annual brofest known as ASR is going down in SD right now and, as hard as we tried, we were sucked into it once again. This year wasn’t especially any different than any other years, still lots of dudes rolling around trying their hardest to be seen by anyone willing to look. More after the jump with a slew of pictures to keep you abreast of the art that seemed to be the theme this year.

Speaking of Eames…

Just a couple days after House Industries had their Eames Century Modern font Wright announced their Charles & Ray Eames auction taking place on April 8th. Click here to go straight to the auction site or just look after the jump for an overview.

Eames x House Industries

This coming Thursday, the fine folks at House Industries are putting on an open house / opening reception for their new Eames Century Modern font collection at the Eames office in Santa Monica!

October. Mammoth. Snowboarding?

We don’t know how they did it, but we’re pretty sure that Bear Mountain somehow remotely opened at Mammoth today. Every “head” that would normally be found on a February Saturday afternoon at Bear was up at Mammoth for it’s opening today, the mountain’s second earliest opening ever.

Happy Leif Erikson day!

Happy Leif Erikson day! For those that somehow don't know, Leif Erikson was the first European explorer to find North America...

Interbike 09

We just got back from the ballhoo known as Interbike. Every year we make the trek out to the show to check out crazy bikes, meet with friends / clients and to take in some good times & food in Vegas.

La Brea’s got a whole lot of Awesome

wildthingsTeaserOver the weekend we had to make a delivery up to LA and while driving around the other City of Angels (everyone knows Escondido is the real one) we saw something which is just too good for words. Girl Skateboards took it upon themselves to do a bit of promotion for the upcoming movie of the year “Where the Wild Things Roam”.

Getting Extreme


So, the Extreme Games have come and gone. Since they were right up the road and we enjoy ourselves some spectating of skateboarding, bmx, motocross and the like, we headed up to LA to check it out.

E3 2009


Working in youth culture definitely has it’s perks. One such perk is that we get to go to trade shows and see cool stuff before it’s released to the world. We went to E3 this year to check out newest in video games and to catch up with old friends / clients.

Stoked to be in Stoked Sessions LA


Over the weekend we were part of a group show at Upper Playground in Downtown LA. Stoked Mentoring curated a slew of artists from within action sports / graffiti & street art to put on one hell of a show and raise a bunch of cash & awareness for their cause. We broke out the acrylics and masking tape to create an opart themed piece which had a color combo that would give Homer Simpson a seizure!