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Absolutely Ridiculous

Ben Raybourn skates better in real life than most people do in video games. Wow. Thanks AWSM...

Agenda was on the Agenda

Agenda Long Beach was on the agenda today. Drove up the 5 to check out the latest stuff, check my work at a few different booths, see friends & clients. Follow the jump if you’d like to see more.

OS X Mavericks

Just announced at the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is Apple's new operating system, which moves on from cats to inspirational places in California, the first being OS X Mavericks. Valhalla's vote for the next: OS X Del Mar Skateranch. In another nod to...

World Industries Black Light Series

Valhalla's latest series for World Industries released recently. The Black Light series is done in full fluorescent inks with a glow in the dark ink over the top. The images above show the daytime graphic to the right and the "night time" graphic to the...

And the winner is

Volcom takes the cake in our inaugural Logo World Championship of the World. After a couple close rounds when battling Quiksilver & Powell Peralta, Volcom rolled through the final taking 78.3% of the vote in it's battle vs Vans. We'd like to thank everyone who...

Leica Skate Blog

Pretty cool skate photo blog over on ESPN featuring photos of numerous pros. Rick McCrank, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton, the list goes on...

Adidas F12

Valhalla-Adidas-Shirts2Been working a lot with one of the best companies on earth, Adidas. There’s a slew of our designs on their shirts recently. A few of my favorite designs ever are included in the F12 season, in stores now. Up top is a Grant Brittain collabs with his legendary photo of the Del Mar Skate Ranch worn by Lem Villemin. Another favorite of mine is the black tee above called “Hustle Daily” with the Hills to the Hood tag line I made up for Adidas, a bear crossing the H in hills and the broken bottle making the T in the. Fun stuff. Check more after the jump.

Willy Santos’ top five

The pride of Mira Mesa, Willy Santos spits of his top five - errr three favorite skate spots in SD thanks to The Hundreds for the quick clip...

ESPN on Larson

Old friend Tony Larson has an interview up on a little site you may have heard of called ESPN, check it out....

Bonham F12

Our friends over at Bohnam dropped their F12 line video a couple days back. Our favorite is the Bunyan Axe, just what ever fishing skater needs. Keep up the good work, guys....

Waiting for Lightning

Can't wait to see this. Worked with / for Danny for a while. Went out to Glamis one time with him because he wanted to build a huge gap & quarter pipe in the dunes to skate on. I thought it was the craziest thing...

Carlsbad goes down for the last time.

The world famous Carlsbad Gap was torn down Thursday, February 23, 2012 to make room for renovations on the campus of Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California. Anyone who remotely paid any attention to skateboarding the past 20 years knows of Carlsbad. It was a proving ground. Follow the jump for a retrospective history of the gap from a couple years back.

Carmageddon awaits

For anyone who hasn’t bolted out of the office yet, got a good one for your Friday with Steve Cabellero, Omar Hassan & Lizzie Armanto skating pools at night. I met Cab once, super nice guy. It’s no wonder why he’s so well respected & liked in the sport. Throw Miller in the mix & you pretty much have the Pool Dream Team. Interesting video. A bit more after the jump

Brittain’s Vault with Chris Miller

mobilerider.embedVideo(2438, 47143 ,'', 600, 330, 'osmf', {extras:'skin:skateboardmag,muteOn:,autoplay:0,autohide:1'});Worked with both Grant & Chris a few times in my career. They're both amazingly nice with unbelievable talent & knowledge stored up that they're not afraid to share. Two of the coolest guys out there in all reality....

Skateboard + Pool + Paint

Back to the hustle after the long weekend but we do have this pretty cool video we saw over on AWSM, D*Face made a spray paint rig for skateboards. Add that with some legendary pool skaters, a freshly painted pool & watch the fun ensue.

Nike Chosen

Nike covers all the action sports bases with this unique night-shot trailer. I have to admit it's pretty cool that they're giving action sports athletes close to the same coverage as stick & ball athletes. ...

Making of the DC Commercials

Pretty interesting Behind the Scenes look @ the making of the DC commercials. Pretty sure Chris Cole is the next wave of video games, in that he's a living video game character. Thanks AWSM...

RIP Hubba Hideout

Hubba Hideout, a piece of SF's legendary skateboarding puzzle is done. Sure am glad the nefarious characters who congregate around in the area will be left alone now that there's not skaters to scare them off. Read about it Here. Sad to know that another...

Stop action skateboardin’

Skateboardanimation from Tilman Singer Found it over on Quipsologies. While your there, check out #98 & the response #108...

A couple sites we frequent

We're extremely busy pumping stuff out for clients to the left and right at the moment & don't want you to feel neglected, so we decided to post up a couple sites which are on our regular check list. If you guys like this, let...

AWSM Jim Phillips interview

Saw Remind’s product over on AWSM & checked out an interview they have on their site, Remind Insoles. We got the chance to work with Jim a few years back on the Ascape project we did & he was the coolest guy to work with. Funny that one of the things he’s most proud of about his career is inspiring kids to become artists & designers… It’s safe to say that he’s a major inspiration & one of the reasons I’m doing what I do. I can think of a slew of things that would be worse than hanging out with Jim Phillips for the weekend, these guys did it & filmed it for us to check out. There’s 4 parts in the series, the rest are after the jump.

Stay Gold

Emerica's new video just dropped and the word on the street is it's jaw dropping. Seeing as how the premiere was a few weeks ago & the movie released on DVD / iTunes on Sept 1 - we should have a full review but, well,...

The land of fist bumps & high fives

The bi-annual brofest known as ASR is going down in SD right now and, as hard as we tried, we were sucked into it once again. This year wasn’t especially any different than any other years, still lots of dudes rolling around trying their hardest to be seen by anyone willing to look. More after the jump with a slew of pictures to keep you abreast of the art that seemed to be the theme this year.

Ode to the Carlsbad Skatepark

Carlsbad Skatepark
How do you explain the significance of Carlsbad Skatepark? How about Carlsbad Raceway? To have them both at essentially the same location is amazing, something like having the Tate Modern next to Fenway Park only better. Looking back, it was as close to Valhalla as I could get in my teenage years. Throw in some snowboarding (in reality, all I’m doing while riding snowboards is acting like I can skate good) and BMX (which if you think about it is an offshoot of motocross anyways) and you’d have every sport I ever cared about all in one spot. There’s a lot more fun (photos, videos) and a lot less dribble (me rambling) after the jump

We Recommend – New Skateboard Graphics

New Skateboard Graphics is the book of the month for March 2010. I know what you're thinking, another skate graphic book? Well, yes. To see why check out our mini-review here....

Twenty years of Danny Way

I grew up not too far from Danny, he lived only a couple towns over. My group of friends I skated with had heard of a group in Vista who all skated super good. Looking at the list of people he grew up skating with, it’s no wonder that we heard of them 20 miles away (which is a pretty long distance in an 11 year old’s world). Little did I know that in a couple years, that group would revolutionize skateboarding as the world knew it.

Getting Extreme


So, the Extreme Games have come and gone. Since they were right up the road and we enjoy ourselves some spectating of skateboarding, bmx, motocross and the like, we headed up to LA to check it out.

T Shirt 360°


Turns out that our partners in crime, the UK’s HypeType Studio, submitted a few designs we did a few years back to a few different book companies. Always nice to have your work recognized, even if it is stuff you did 7 or 8 years back…