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Shadow Read Between Shirt

This is another favorite shirt of mine, Shadow's "Read Between the Lines" shirt I did a while back. Glad to see it's still up for sale and a bonafide awesome bmx rider like Ryan Sher likes it, too. Get yers here....

Shadow S-Crow Shirt

I love this design. Maybe because I did it, maybe because my name's Scott, who knows...

Long Island Iced Ts

Ok, so we’ve never actually even been to Long Island but the word play was too fun not to use. Collection of our shirts, most you’ve probably seen before & 1 that’s printing soon. Check inside for the full collection, up above is just a preview.

Awesome at the front door.

A whole lot of awesome showed up at the door today. I love it when any surprise package comes in but three in a day is like Christmas to me! GodMachine, Hydro74 & The Shadow Conspiracy all come through with some amazing. Check after the jump for details, stories & links.

the Shadow Conspiracy BTS10

A few weeks back our amigos at the Shadow Conspiracy released their Back to School 2010 line and, once again, we've got a few shirts in their collection. Read Between, Bloodbath, and a hat & t-shirt of the Pinstripe design are available at Dan's Competition...