August 2010

the Shadow Conspiracy BTS10

A few weeks back our amigos at the Shadow Conspiracy released their Back to School 2010 line and, once again, we've got a few shirts in their collection. Read Between, Bloodbath, and a hat & t-shirt of the Pinstripe design are available at Dan's Competition...

A hot cup of what the!?!

Saw this over on Werd and it's just too AWSM to not post. Apparently Canon, being the photography badasses that they are, decided to make these up for the photographers at the recent Vancouver Olympics. Pretty dang amazing in my book, almost makes me want...

Classic soda packaging

A while back, we did a post on vintage packaging (here). Looking around on the treasure trove known as Lovely Package today while doing some research, we came across some more jewels from yesteryear. Follow after the jump if you want to see more!

The land of fist bumps & high fives

The bi-annual brofest known as ASR is going down in SD right now and, as hard as we tried, we were sucked into it once again. This year wasn’t especially any different than any other years, still lots of dudes rolling around trying their hardest to be seen by anyone willing to look. More after the jump with a slew of pictures to keep you abreast of the art that seemed to be the theme this year.

Is the red blood?

We came across Jeff’s work somewhere in the last few days and thought we’d post it up on here. These are cut paper people, not multiple layered photoshop documents. Nice to see someone getting their hands dirty (or bloody when fingertip & xacto meet, you think the red on this one is blood?) and doing some amazing stuff for people to see. More of his artwork after the jump!

The 27th Letter

The Ampersand symbol, every designer’s long-time beloved friend has an interesting story. Around the world, it’s known as “the and sign” but did you know that it was once the 27th letter in the alphabet? What about how it got it’s name? Read more & see some cool examples inside.

Shepard Fairey gets busy in Hillcrest

This may be old news to the super-Shepard or Hillcrest Regular crowd but I was down there the other day & noticed a gigantic wall of his on the side of the new(ish) Urban Outfitters on 5th. The thing is huge, like 120′ x 30′ huge. More inside

Get your surf on

We don't post a ton about surfing on the blog but we saw this over on Todd Richard's AWSM site today and thought it was pretty relevant to our deal. Great title graphics, interesting editing & random Iron's brother looking like Eazy E in a...