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$50m is all it takes

To own Bob Hope's estate overlooking Palm Springs & the Coachella Valley. I've admired this house on the hill since the first time I went to Palm Springs. If I was Facebook Rich I'd have a really hard time re-introducing Grizzly Bears to California (my...

Save Prentice

Chicago, Illinois has more architectural greatness than most countries. The Prentice Womens Hospital by Bertrand Goldberg is under fire & could be torn down. For more info on the landmark, Check This to sign the petition to save it Go Here...

Love it.

So much can be said about this but to sum it up in one word, it's Amazing....

Pancho Barnes

A few years back, my grandfather told me about the first time he went up in an airplane. He had just enlisted in the Army and really wanted to be a pilot. He told me how this famous barnstormer named Pancho Barnes landed at the...

Saul Bass’ Bell System Pitch

Video prepared by another branding genius, Saul Bass, for bell systems. It's a bit long with the first half being basic identity design stuff & the second half (around 13 minutes) being the pitch itself. Thanks Under Consideration...

Eva Zeisel

Sad news in the design world to start the new year, Eva Zeisel passed away last week at the age of 105. Most everyone has seen / admired some of her work sometime in their life. She has quite a story & worked continuously, most recently releasing some amazing salt & paper shakers at the spry age of 103. Read a bit more after the jump.

Fallingwater is 75.

Pretty cool little piece over at Fast Co about the most iconic home in history. Fallingwater Turns 75....

Beats, Rhymes & Life

Lotsa hustle going on in these parts but I had to post this up real quick. I can't wait to see this, I was just in Vegas & missed Phife & Michael Rappaport there promoting it by a couple days. Tribe is the greatest rap...

Attention to detail

Great work here by Ragna ReuschKlinkenberg for The Craft magazine. The campaign was made in cooperation with the German artist Ragna ReuschKlinkenberg. Who carved the face of world’s most important politicians on the pencils. Amazing detail work, check after the jump for more!

He’s drawing with a Bic pen

This is amazing. I almost wish he showed the end result before showing him draw it because you'd never guess he got there the way he did. He's drawing with 2 Bic ballpoint pens. Goes to show, it's not what you're working with, it's what's...

Vintage Beer Collection

Great collection of vintage beer cans. All are amazing, some are also amazingly funny. Up top, who are you going to drink with – The Duke or JR Ewing? Check out JR’s tag line down at the bottom of the can. Follow the jump for 36 more cans & a link to the source with 130 more!

Type (dork) Post

This is just too cool not to share. The good folks at House Industries took on the herculean task of getting Photo Lettering's catalog of work online for non-house employees to use in their stuff! LOADS of great work over there, so many unique fonts,...

75 Abandoned Theaters

Great gallery of 75 abandoned theaters across the good ol' USA. Like the Abandoned Houses photo essay we posted a while back, it's sad to see such glory rotting away. Makes you appreciate the work that went into restoring the old greats like LA's Pantages...

Reef light = AMAZING

Amazing work here by Dutch Designer Tanja Soeter & Freedom of Creation. It’s actually pretty reasonably priced (comparatively speaking when you figure the price of modern lighting) at $600 for the small & $1k for the large. It’d be a nice piece to design a room around for sure. More after the jump

Full Moon on Abbey Road shirt!

That’s right, our first foray into merchandise celebrates the greatest holiday ever, Halloween! Full Moon on Abbey Road is available for Men & Women, Ghosts & Ghouls in just about every size you can imagine. Printed on black ringspun / combed cotton (men’s / women’s) these are ready to go. Check out a design detail after the jump or click on the picture above to go to the store & get one!

There’s still time to get a shirt by Valhalloween!

Photographer – Leigh Ortenburger

Stumbled upon some amazing photographs tonight at the bookstore. I noticed an amazing photograph on the cover of Alpinist magazine. I picked it up & was blown away by amazing image after amazing image. We’re all really lucky to have had people like Leigh Ortenburger & Ansel Adams in our human history. Think about it, not only did they climb, hike & adventure out to some of the most amazing places on earth, they did all that with huge-a** 4×5 film cameras, lenses, tripods & all the rest of the gear that went along with such cameras. More photos & dribble after the jump

Is the red blood?

We came across Jeff’s work somewhere in the last few days and thought we’d post it up on here. These are cut paper people, not multiple layered photoshop documents. Nice to see someone getting their hands dirty (or bloody when fingertip & xacto meet, you think the red on this one is blood?) and doing some amazing stuff for people to see. More of his artwork after the jump!

Elephants are like ice cream

I just can't say no. Check this out. Amazing German currency note from 1919. Or check out this a doozie of a 1921 Czech note. Or how about this random German note with a devil dude on it from 1921? I could go on...