August 2011

Nixon Space Jellies

Just realized I never really put this up on my site / blog. My piece “Space Jellies” which I did for Nixon a couple years back. Check inside for the full piece, a bit of a story about it & most of the products they put it on.

Long Island Iced Ts

Ok, so we’ve never actually even been to Long Island but the word play was too fun not to use. Collection of our shirts, most you’ve probably seen before & 1 that’s printing soon. Check inside for the full collection, up above is just a preview.

See LOVE live

The film we're doing the branding / packaging for, LOVE by Angels & Airwaves is playing live around the country this Wednesday night. After the film AvA will play 3 songs & have a question / answer session with Tom DeLonge, director William Eubank and...

Great editing + creative idea

Equals = Awesome. Great piece here for your Friday afternoon, have to kill an hour before heading home (come on, we know that's what you're doing). MOVE...