May 2010

Optical Dillusion

Optical Dillusion font by Valhalla
Dropped a font this week named Optical Dillusion. Two years in the making and countless minuscule changes and tweaks which nobody but us would ever notice it’s ready to go. If you want to see more or hear the story behind it, follow the jump!

Shoebox storage days are numbered

Puma - Clever little bag
Perhaps you’ve seen this newfangled fanciness or perhaps you haven’t. Either way, the idea’s pretty good. Next year Puma’s bringing a whole new game to the shoe world, The Clever Little Bag. More after the jump.

Evolution of the Google Logo

Evolution of the Google Logo
Wired has a pretty cool little article on how Google got their colorful logo. The article follows through the preliminary concepts through the final design. Check it out here. Or see more after the jump

Roll over your own grave

Skeleton Bike by Eric Tryon
Ever want to roll over your own grave? Well, now you have the chance. I’ve never been to the Shadow Conspiracy’s headquarters but I imagine things like this around every corner there. More after the jump.

Logo by Michael Evamy

Coming around this month for our Book of the Month series is Logo by Michael Evamy. It's quite possibly the most complete logo collection / reference book ever produced. It's as thick as a dictionary and chock full of every remarkable logo from the thinkable...

When good logos die

Death of a logoIt’s always sad to see good things die. I wore black for a week after Johnny Cash died. I get sad when I see a crashed up classic car. This is the graphic equivalent of Johnny Cash dying from crashing a hemi ‘Cuda. United Airlines & Continental Airlines recently announced that they were going to merge. Read / See more after the jump

Paper Cut exhibition

Papercut Exhibition
Handmade design work is the new rage. Everywhere you look there seems to be another amazing thing done by another new artist / designer. Papercutting is one of these new trends in design and the publisher Gestalten is promoting their new book, Papercraft, with an exhibition in the Netherlands this week. More after the jump

We Recommend – Logo by Michael Evamy

Book of the Month time again. This time around, it's an amazing number by Michael Evamy, simply called Logo. It's as thick as a dictionary and has just about every good logo you can imagine. Check out our mini review here....