November 2009

Roaring out of the holiday

We finally had a minute to mess around with the blog over our Gobblicious Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to doing heavy codework to customize our template, we now have a new section aptly titled "Book of the Month", we hope you like it. We have...


Twenty years of Danny Way

I grew up not too far from Danny, he lived only a couple towns over. My group of friends I skated with had heard of a group in Vista who all skated super good. Looking at the list of people he grew up skating with, it’s no wonder that we heard of them 20 miles away (which is a pretty long distance in an 11 year old’s world). Little did I know that in a couple years, that group would revolutionize skateboarding as the world knew it.


Give Peace a Chance


We just wrapped up a project for our newest client, Peace Iced Tea. The site dropped yesterday and the tea comes out in about 6 weeks. They have some pretty cool plans, including a huge Peace Tea Party with bands, artists and the like. Check it out Peace Iced Tea


We Recommend – Los Logos 4

We've got a new feature on Design & Conquer called Book of the Month where we plan to feature a new book which we feel is worthwhile for designers to check out. Our first feature is of Los Logos 4 by Gestalten, check out our...


Los Logos 4

For our initial installment of our Book of the Month section, we are featuring Gestalten's Los Logos 4. Coming in at 508 pages, it's full of considerable amount of logos from various industries from recent years. This fourth book in the series is different than...