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Did you hear about Koston?

This is good. Nice way to integrate humor into the spot by snowballing the standard "did you hear" type gossip that happens when someone like Eric Koston does what he does at a spot. Nice work....

Little Caesars

One of the best commercials ever. In the 90s Little Caesars had some of the best commercials going. Everyone knew & loved them, bringing tons people into their restaurants. They were on top when for some unknown reason they decided to drop the great commercials,...

Carmageddon awaits

For anyone who hasn’t bolted out of the office yet, got a good one for your Friday with Steve Cabellero, Omar Hassan & Lizzie Armanto skating pools at night. I met Cab once, super nice guy. It’s no wonder why he’s so well respected & liked in the sport. Throw Miller in the mix & you pretty much have the Pool Dream Team. Interesting video. A bit more after the jump