September 2009

Interbike 09

We just got back from the ballhoo known as Interbike. Every year we make the trek out to the show to check out crazy bikes, meet with friends / clients and to take in some good times & food in Vegas.

A month with Snow Leopard in the house

A month ago now Apple dropped Snow Leopard on everyone. A month in and we have to say it’s been the best $30 investment we’ve made in some time. If you’re on the fence with this one and have an Intel Mac, by all means do it. Starts, restarts, app launches, pretty much everything is much faster with Snow Leopard. The only thing we’ve found to be frustrating is the dropping of “Creator Codes”,

La Brea’s got a whole lot of Awesome

wildthingsTeaserOver the weekend we had to make a delivery up to LA and while driving around the other City of Angels (everyone knows Escondido is the real one) we saw something which is just too good for words. Girl Skateboards took it upon themselves to do a bit of promotion for the upcoming movie of the year “Where the Wild Things Roam”.

The ship has sailed…

pirateTeaserSad weekend over here at the Valhalla HQ. Last week, we made the decision that our beloved Pirate ship fooseball table maybe really wasn’t necessary to have at the office. We posted it up on Craigslist and by the end of the week amongst the comments and “how did you do that’s”, we had a buyer.