July 2011

Awesome at the front door.

A whole lot of awesome showed up at the door today. I love it when any surprise package comes in but three in a day is like Christmas to me! GodMachine, Hydro74 & The Shadow Conspiracy all come through with some amazing. Check after the jump for details, stories & links.

These prints go to 11

Busy with the hustle recently but it doesn't mean awesome isn't out there to find. Pop Chart Lab's Periodic Table of Heavy Metals is pretty amazing. A table of 303 heavy metals--from AC/DC to Zyklon--charted according to genre in an edition of 1000 for $20....

Attention to detail

Great work here by Ragna ReuschKlinkenberg for The Craft magazine. The campaign was made in cooperation with the German artist Ragna ReuschKlinkenberg. Who carved the face of world’s most important politicians on the pencils. Amazing detail work, check after the jump for more!

Carmageddon awaits

For anyone who hasn’t bolted out of the office yet, got a good one for your Friday with Steve Cabellero, Omar Hassan & Lizzie Armanto skating pools at night. I met Cab once, super nice guy. It’s no wonder why he’s so well respected & liked in the sport. Throw Miller in the mix & you pretty much have the Pool Dream Team. Interesting video. A bit more after the jump

If only Rube was around to see all this

If only Rube Goldberg was around to see this & so many other contraptions that his drawings inspired. Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY Thanks, Todd...

Brittain’s Vault with Chris Miller

mobilerider.embedVideo(2438, 47143 ,'', 600, 330, 'osmf', {extras:'skin:skateboardmag,muteOn:,autoplay:0,autohide:1'});Worked with both Grant & Chris a few times in my career. They're both amazingly nice with unbelievable talent & knowledge stored up that they're not afraid to share. Two of the coolest guys out there in all reality....

Skateboard + Pool + Paint

Back to the hustle after the long weekend but we do have this pretty cool video we saw over on AWSM, D*Face made a spray paint rig for skateboards. Add that with some legendary pool skaters, a freshly painted pool & watch the fun ensue.

Free Fatboy mixes for your holiday bash

This might come as a surprise to some, but the iTunes around the shop is filled with just about every genre-music imaginable. For the electronic DJ genre, Fatboy Slim can't be touched. His mixes are incredible & he's even better live but what's better than...