August 2012

Save Prentice

Chicago, Illinois has more architectural greatness than most countries. The Prentice Womens Hospital by Bertrand Goldberg is under fire & could be torn down. For more info on the landmark, Check This to sign the petition to save it Go Here...


Go Sal.

Sal's a super cool, down to earth guy & we wish him the best on his latest venture. Read more here:Sal Masekela's next act...


Glow in the dark skatepark

Korean Artist Koo Jeong-A created a glow in the dark skatepark with phosphorescent concrete in Vassivière Island, France.

Wow. more after the jump.


Who owns what?

All our choices get whittled down to a few. Thanks Logo Design Love...


Isle of Man TT

Imagine going as fast as you possibly can on a full race street bike on narrow roads all around a tiny island, then triple the speed and you're close to how fast these guys go....