September 2010

Interbike 2010 post

Interbike 2010 went down last week and we made the annual trip out to Vegas for the extravaganza. Sadly, this is the last show in Vegas for at least 3 years, as it’s set to move up the road to Anaheim for at least the next three years. See more inside!


Photographer – Leigh Ortenburger

Stumbled upon some amazing photographs tonight at the bookstore. I noticed an amazing photograph on the cover of Alpinist magazine. I picked it up & was blown away by amazing image after amazing image. We’re all really lucky to have had people like Leigh Ortenburger & Ansel Adams in our human history. Think about it, not only did they climb, hike & adventure out to some of the most amazing places on earth, they did all that with huge-a** 4×5 film cameras, lenses, tripods & all the rest of the gear that went along with such cameras. More photos & dribble after the jump


5,4,3,2,1…. LAUNCH

We’ve been working with the crew at Ninthward Skis for a couple months now & the fruits of our labor are ready for the world to see. If you’re unfamiliar with Ninthward, they’re a freestyle ski company going after the urban / hip hop inspired market. Super cool guys, great product and an amazing team. The site’s getting some good response a few days into the launch, check it out if you have a few – Ninthward Skis.

Or if you just want to stay on our fantabulous site, check after the jump for some screenshots.


I want to ride my bicycle…..

I’ve alway enjoyed a bicycle ride. Whether it was BMX growing up (or maybe last week) or trying to hurt myself downhilling at Mammoth on a mtn bike, it’s always a good time. Interbike falls right near my birthday every year so we always make a trek out to the show to see bicycles, catch up with our friends from Shadow and try not to lose too much $$ in the hellhole known as Vegas. In light of the upcoming show, here’s a few bike related clips to check out. More after the jump


Design For You.. and you and you

It’s no secret that Herman Miller is one of the greatest companies ever made. Wait, you didn’t know that? Well, welcome out from underneath your rock & to the real world. For anyone in question of the above statement, Eames worked extensively with them. Nothing else needs to be said. Case in point referenced below (Eames also designed the molded gems used for the contest).

Follow the jump to see the other artists renditions in this contest.


Gettin’ AWSM

WHOAA, I recognize that logo. Oh, wait...


Shepard’s Arctic print

Today's apparently turning into Shepard Fairey Day over here at WDC (that's We Design & Conquer, get it? ). We're suckers for the snow, bears, anniversaries & awesome shading, so I guess it isn't too surprising that it's up here, is it? ...


Shepard – Cincinnati – HDR

Looks like Shepard's been getting busy in the non-mistake by the lake city in Ohio, Cincinnati. Saw this over at OMG Posters & couldn't pass up posting it on here. All the murals he put up around the city in HDR. Nice of the Noble...


Stay Gold

Emerica's new video just dropped and the word on the street is it's jaw dropping. Seeing as how the premiere was a few weeks ago & the movie released on DVD / iTunes on Sept 1 - we should have a full review but, well,...