January 2010

Conan got jacked

In case you’ve been living in a cave the past couple weeks and didn’t hear, a big hullabaloo went down in late night TV with Conan O’Brien coming out on the short end of the stick. Last night I caught his last show and it did not disappoint


USA Network by Sean Serio

We start off this series on a good note, with an example we've liked since we first laid eyes on it. The latest iteration of the USA Networks logo, by Sean Serio for Peloton design, was a giant step forward for the network. Through the...


Mini-movie Review!

You know, since we have a mile long to do list and 407 things planned for the upcoming year, we figured we’d start another section of the site (note the sarcasm dripping out your monitor). We watch movies like everyone else; some good, some bad so we figured, why not give our $.02 about them?

For our first in the installment, we have three films. Strange Brew, Hurt Locker and a blockbuster currently out in the theaters which we dubbed Crapatar


Bringing heat that makes Al Gore cry

That’s what Portillo’s does. It’s hard to say what’s better, the absurdly delicious food or the amazing hand painted signs. Of course 99.9% of the people who frequent their establishments probably never even notice but being the design dorks that we are – you know we do.


Book – er product – of the Month

This month around we decided to stray a bit on our new Book of the Month series. We're sure that all 12 readers are wondering why we'd stray from such a successful mini-series and, well, the simple answer is that this product should be required...


Wacom Intuos Tablet

While we plan to continue our Book of the Monthseries, possibly even this month, I couldn't hold off on Wacom Tablets much longer. I was really, really late to the Wacom Game, I'd seen them used and even bought & tried one out a few...