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Adobe Illustrator

Great movie from Fast Company talking about the origins of my favorite application, Adobe Illustrator. The Adobe Illustrator Story...

Design salary negotiations

Great article over on David Airey’s blog about negotiating design salary, with excerpts from Ted Leonhardt’s new book Nail It: Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence. This is a great resource for both established & up and coming designers. I wish I’d had this info earlier in my career, it would have went a long way even if I would have been able to miss out on things like nightly ramen dinners or rent check roulette. Anyways, click on the link above or check out the complete article after the jump.

Compendium of Sneakers

Pretty rad article over on Fast Company about the history of sneaker design. Pretty cool, click to open a larger file....

ESPN on Larson

Old friend Tony Larson has an interview up on a little site you may have heard of called ESPN, check it out....

Sir Jonathan Ive interview

Pretty cool article over at London's Evening Standard with Apple's Jonathan Ive. Definitely worth a read on the thoughts of Apple's new frontman. "What I love about the creative process, and this may sound naive, but it is this idea that one day there is...

Eva Zeisel

Sad news in the design world to start the new year, Eva Zeisel passed away last week at the age of 105. Most everyone has seen / admired some of her work sometime in their life. She has quite a story & worked continuously, most recently releasing some amazing salt & paper shakers at the spry age of 103. Read a bit more after the jump.

Polish Book Cover Contest

Pretty cool contest over here, put on by the folks at 50 Watts. Design a book cover, Polish style. Anyone who's ever eaten a Pierogi knows that Polish people are some amazing cooks but did you know they also have some pretty amazing design? Check...

Stoked Sessions 2011

Next Friday, May 20th 2011, I’m going to be in an art show / auction benefiting Stoked Mentoring called Stoked Sessions up in Culver City, CA. A whole get-down is planned for opening night; DJs, drinks, who knows…. maybe even dancing. The whole thing benefits Stoked Mentoring & the great programs they have for kids so if you’re a) bored or b) in the Culver City area or c) need a reason to head to LA, stop in & check it out. The Stoked Sessions has an overview of what’s happening on Friday night, including a slideshow of the pieces that will be there. Check after the jump if you’d like to see my contribution.

Doyald Young collabenefit poster

Saying Doyald Young was a master typographer is putting it lightly. He was on a whole different level. The poster above started as a gift for a he & Josh Higgins' mutual friend. Unfortunately, Doyald passed away before the project was completed. In stepped Jessica...

Valhalla’s 2011 Lookbook

Put together a lookbook of our most current work which is available for download. 41 pages, chock full of case studies, branding, advertising & consumer goods.

Download the 6.5mb PDF for free here:Valhalla Lookbook or follow the jump for more shots!

Another Super (random) Post

Another random post for you all today. What you're looking at up above is the seriously ridiculously awesome work of ...

Super (random) Post

On our semi-regular list of checks is the DDC site. Draplin & I have been running in the same circle for a number of years & only a matter of time until our paths cross in person. It's always interesting to see what he has...

Design For You.. and you and you

It’s no secret that Herman Miller is one of the greatest companies ever made. Wait, you didn’t know that? Well, welcome out from underneath your rock & to the real world. For anyone in question of the above statement, Eames worked extensively with them. Nothing else needs to be said. Case in point referenced below (Eames also designed the molded gems used for the contest).

Follow the jump to see the other artists renditions in this contest.

The 27th Letter

The Ampersand symbol, every designer’s long-time beloved friend has an interesting story. Around the world, it’s known as “the and sign” but did you know that it was once the 27th letter in the alphabet? What about how it got it’s name? Read more & see some cool examples inside.

From Sea to Shining Sea

From Sea to Shining Sea
Came across these gems by Heads of State. Great collection of 8 screeprinted posters based on cities across the US, the collection is called From Sea to Shining Sea. Check them out at their site here or follow the jump for our overview / samples.

an interview with Andy Jenkins

Came across this gem a couple days ago over on BMXSociety. I worked with Andy a couple years back on the Ascape project, he did a couple rugs for us and was super cool to work with. We have some similar interests in bmx, mx and of course skateboarding / art / design. It was cool having him in on that project and interesting to read about how he got where he is today in the interview. Check it out here (the interview link is after the intro paragraph). After the jump I’ve put up some highlights