March 2010

Where the Awesome Things Are…

Medicom has teamed up with one of the most visually stunning movies released in recent years and one of the greatest kids books ever written, Where the Wild Things Are. More after the jump

Seb knows

Seb Lester
Seen his work around for a little while now but today’s the first time that I went to his site and let’s just say that it’s impressive. Lots more after the jump.

Ode to Carlsbad deaux

Carlsbad Raceway Motocross USGP
This post was just too big to have all at once. This segment is about the world famous Carlsbad Raceway, the home of one of the funnest motocross tracks ever and multiple USGP battles. Oh so much more after the jump

Ode to the Carlsbad Skatepark

Carlsbad Skatepark
How do you explain the significance of Carlsbad Skatepark? How about Carlsbad Raceway? To have them both at essentially the same location is amazing, something like having the Tate Modern next to Fenway Park only better. Looking back, it was as close to Valhalla as I could get in my teenage years. Throw in some snowboarding (in reality, all I’m doing while riding snowboards is acting like I can skate good) and BMX (which if you think about it is an offshoot of motocross anyways) and you’d have every sport I ever cared about all in one spot. There’s a lot more fun (photos, videos) and a lot less dribble (me rambling) after the jump

From Sea to Shining Sea

From Sea to Shining Sea
Came across these gems by Heads of State. Great collection of 8 screeprinted posters based on cities across the US, the collection is called From Sea to Shining Sea. Check them out at their site here or follow the jump for our overview / samples.

on the road to Ummmm

Found this on Andy's Bend Press site, a 10 minute movie on Thomas Campbell preparing for his show in Denmark. I love Thomas' work. I talked to him about being included on the Ascape project as well but, alas, he was under contract with Paul...

an interview with Andy Jenkins

Came across this gem a couple days ago over on BMXSociety. I worked with Andy a couple years back on the Ascape project, he did a couple rugs for us and was super cool to work with. We have some similar interests in bmx, mx and of course skateboarding / art / design. It was cool having him in on that project and interesting to read about how he got where he is today in the interview. Check it out here (the interview link is after the intro paragraph). After the jump I’ve put up some highlights

Welcome to Costco, I love you.

Idiocracy couldn’t have said it any better. In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is generally about design, skateboarding and snowboarding with a few random tidbits of nonsense thrown in. Well, this covers at least two of those subjects. I came across this in a recent email blast from Megalo Mart, Price Club, Costco – heli time in Alaska.

A few posters for you and yours.

Popping up a few amazing posters I’ve run across the past few months. A little of this, a little of that. Think of it as a St Patricks Day present from us to you only without the nonsense that’s become synonymous with St Patty’s day. Check out more after the jump.

Speaking of Eames…

Just a couple days after House Industries had their Eames Century Modern font Wright announced their Charles & Ray Eames auction taking place on April 8th. Click here to go straight to the auction site or just look after the jump for an overview.

Ford. We make hybrids too.

Pretty good (although somewhat sad for the SD family related to this story) skit on SNL this past Saturday. While I doubt that Ford had anything to do with the skit, this is a great example of viral marketing. I Googled "ford, we make...

The way things looked back in the day

It’s always fun to look through the great work of the past. While many people I know dislike them for some reason, I’ve always been a fan of old posters. It’s nice to look at packaging from yesteryear as well, it’s like looking through the window to a time before focus groups and execs dabbling in everything they get the chance to.

Eames x House Industries

This coming Thursday, the fine folks at House Industries are putting on an open house / opening reception for their new Eames Century Modern font collection at the Eames office in Santa Monica!

We Recommend – New Skateboard Graphics

New Skateboard Graphics is the book of the month for March 2010. I know what you're thinking, another skate graphic book? Well, yes. To see why check out our mini-review here....

Berlin, it’s not just for walls anymore

Found a couple pretty nice flickr sets the other day from the Berlin Buchstaben-Museum ( or letter museum for us English speakers). Being a lover of signs, old & random stuff, the next time (first time?) I’m in Berlin, I know where I’m going. (check after the jump for some highlights & links)

New Skateboard Graphics

I know, I know - another skateboard graphic book? Well to put it frankly, yes. This book is amazing, by far the best I've seen in some time. What's nice about this one is it's filled with a TON of newer skate graphics. Yes, the...