February 2010

Don’t forget about the Germans

Sure yesterday, we put up some good examples of American design on cars from the 70’s but don’t think for a second that the German’s were sleeping at that time. The early 70’s meant business at the Porsche factory, their cars were works of art and to top them off, they painted them amazingly well for the races. Here’s a great set from the Porsche museum of the branding on their racecars. (check after the jump to see out highlights)

Cars used to be cool.

Seems like now the only thing that car companies make are remakes of older cool cars, cars with some Green story or just complete garbage. Enough of that though, here’s a cool set with some amazing examples of how cool the typography on old cars used to be (you can also see a condensed version after the jump)

Elephants are like ice cream

I just can't say no. Check this out. Amazing German currency note from 1919. Or check out this a doozie of a 1921 Czech note. Or how about this random German note with a devil dude on it from 1921? I could go on...

Leaf me alone.

Been cruising around on Flickr looking at different type examples lately. Came across a pretty good set by a fella named Michael Spitz today. Click here to check out his work....

Valhalla goes worldwide

Tonight Omatic’s own Louie Vito danced his way into onto the Olympic stage landing himself a solid 5th place. Check after the jump to see the story of how this relates to our blog…

What’s working with Steve Jobs like?

This guy should know. Ken Segall worked with Steve Jobs while at Apple's agency, TBWAChiatDay. He's the guy who wrote the Think Different campaign and came up with the name "iMac" (which Jobs initially hated). Check out the interview here....

Neon Asphalt

Road trips mean new adventures whether it be seeing new & cool things, eating new & cool foods or acquiring new & cool stories. One of my favorite parts about road trips, especially road trips through random area are the incredible roadside signage. This year’s SIA show was in Denver, so naturally that called for a road trip and all it’s glorious signs of yesterday.

OR Spring 2010

We’ve been quite excited about this one and have had to keep the wraps on it for over a year. Outdoor Research is known worldwide for their amazing technical outdoor gear. We’re proud to have been part of their first graphic t-shirt line ever!

We Recommend – Helvetica Forever

This month we feature a book on one, if not the, most popular typeface ever created. That's right, we're reviewing a book on Helvetica named Helvetica Forever : the story of a typeface. Check out our mini-review here....

Helvetica Forever

This time around we have a brief review on what may be the best typeface ever created, none other than...