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And the winner is

Volcom takes the cake in our inaugural Logo World Championship of the World. After a couple close rounds when battling Quiksilver & Powell Peralta, Volcom rolled through the final taking 78.3% of the vote in it's battle vs Vans. We'd like to thank everyone who...

Made in California

Wrapped up a Made in California logo a couple weeks ago for Cosmetix West, a private label skincare manufacturer based in LA. Pretty excited about how it turned out. They've got it up on the front page of their newly-redesigned website as well. ...

Arby’s = Fail

Looks like the folks at Arby’s decided to reinvent themselves, ditching one of the only things the brand had going for it. In Chief Marketing Officer Russ Klein‘s infinite wisdom, he replaced the super-awesome cowboy hat logo with something that looks like a c+ logo project from a community college “Introduction to Graphic Design” course. If you care to read more about our views, follow the jump because there’s a lot to say about this travesty.

Big Battle Over Small Fruit

Pretty interesting article over on Yahoo about the Cuties brand of clementines. Very interesting read on how much of an impact the branding has had on the tradition-steeped industry in America. The Big War Over a Fruit...

Saul Bass’ Bell System Pitch

Video prepared by another branding genius, Saul Bass, for bell systems. It's a bit long with the first half being basic identity design stuff & the second half (around 13 minutes) being the pitch itself. Thanks Under Consideration...

the CBS Eye logo

On Sunday October 17th, 1951 CBS revealed their new logo placed over a cloud formation photograph. What was intended as a logo to be used for one year has went on to become one of the most recognized logos ever created. CBS President Frank...

History of the RCA logo

So, the story goes like this. The logo we (American’s) know as the RCA logo is one of the first instances of company branding. See, way back in 1899 the Gramophone company bought a painting by Francis Barraud with a dog listening to a record of his dead owner’s voice. Interested? Follow the jump to find out the whole story.

Custom font for Angels & Airwaves

Our work with Angels & Airwaves continues to trickle out. Their newly relaunched website features our custom-created AvA font that we just wrapped up for them a couple days back. Check it out on their site! We'll keep posting more of our work with...

Valhalla’s 2011 Lookbook

Put together a lookbook of our most current work which is available for download. 41 pages, chock full of case studies, branding, advertising & consumer goods.

Download the 6.5mb PDF for free here:Valhalla Lookbook or follow the jump for more shots!

Evolution of the Google Logo

Evolution of the Google Logo
Wired has a pretty cool little article on how Google got their colorful logo. The article follows through the preliminary concepts through the final design. Check it out here. Or see more after the jump

We Recommend – Logo by Michael Evamy

Book of the Month time again. This time around, it's an amazing number by Michael Evamy, simply called Logo. It's as thick as a dictionary and has just about every good logo you can imagine. Check out our mini review here....

Don’t forget about the Germans

Sure yesterday, we put up some good examples of American design on cars from the 70’s but don’t think for a second that the German’s were sleeping at that time. The early 70’s meant business at the Porsche factory, their cars were works of art and to top them off, they painted them amazingly well for the races. Here’s a great set from the Porsche museum of the branding on their racecars. (check after the jump to see out highlights)

Cars used to be cool.

Seems like now the only thing that car companies make are remakes of older cool cars, cars with some Green story or just complete garbage. Enough of that though, here’s a cool set with some amazing examples of how cool the typography on old cars used to be (you can also see a condensed version after the jump)

Leaf me alone.

Been cruising around on Flickr looking at different type examples lately. Came across a pretty good set by a fella named Michael Spitz today. Click here to check out his work....